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The GALLERY PAGE offers you an opportunity to check out some of the favorite brands at Vestiges.   Rather than going straight to the "SHOP" page, where all products are displayed, the GALLERY filters products by collections so you don't have to sift through items you are not interested in.  Just click on a collection picture below and it will take you to items Vestiges has in stock by that vendor.  

Our new online store offers our customers a way to shop again at Vestiges without leaving the safety and comfort of their homes during the Covid Pandemic. 


Dolcezza Simply Art Collection

Plush quiled jackets and vests from Dolcezza, with scarves to match.  You will also find an assortment of tops, tunics and jean jackets. See what is available.

trish 1 (2).PNG

Trisha Tyler Collection

A wonderful collection of jackets, tunics, blouses and tops.

as 3.PNG

Alison Sheri & Elena Wang

Two Divisions of the same Canadian Company.  You will find beautiful sweaters, coats,  jackets, tops and tunics.

furry friends.PNG


Snoozies Slippers

Cozy Slippers in a Variety of Styles.  Something to Please Everyone!

La Cera Flannel PJs & Cozy Bed Jackets

Stay warm on chilly nights with our 100% cotton flannel pajama sets and cozy bed jackets from

La Cera.


K. Bell Socks

Cute novelty socks to warm your feet and brighten your day.

ILI New York

A collection of leather goods.

Small organizers and smart phone organizers.

Marble Scotland


Galleria Enterprises Umbrellas

A wonderful collection of themed umbrellas.  Pop-up, pop-down, 48" for great coverage. 

jm 2.PNG

John Mark Clothing

A beautiful selection on tops, blouses and vests from John Mark.

The styles are relaxed, comfortable and casual. Most in natural fibers of cotton, linen and silk.

A beautiful collection of jackets, sweaters, tops and more.

fdj jeans.PNG

French Dressing Jeans

Chek-out Vestiges classic 5 pocket jeans and super jeggings from French Dressing.

fdj ad.PNG

French Dressing Tops, Sweaters, & More

FDJ is more than just jeans.  We carry a nice variety of tees, blouses and sweaters every season from French Dressing.

Arrow Hangers & Signs

Announce the season or show a favorite theme at your front door.

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